A Moment to Breathe

The world as we know it has changed forever over the first few months of 2020. Although our future seems scary, I'm certain there will be many silver linings.

For example, the rapid spread of COVID-19 has made us realize how intertwined and co-dependent we are with people on the other side of the world. As humans on a small planet, this realization may help us be more co-operative and accepting in the future. 

We're also reminded daily how nature is ultimately more powerful than technology. Witnessing the devastation of recent fires, floods, droughts, tornados and hurricanes is heartbreaking. As natural disasters become more frequent, I believe swifter action will be taken to work in tandem with nature, rather than against it.

When things get troubled, I always try to find time to be grateful and to be in nature. Sometimes, we can't physically be in nature, so observing it is the next best thing.

I took this one-minute video in my garden last summer. Whenever I feel anxious, I take a moment to watch it again.

Let me share it with you.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or fearful, just take a moment to find calm within. 

Take a few deep slow breaths. Then watch these hydrangeas, bobbing around, appearing to breath in the wind. 

Mesmerizing and very calming. 

Your immune and nervous systems will thank you. Stay healthy !