Long Skinny Paintings

Recently, I was given the opportunity to paint on an entirely new format size with long, skinny dimensions. 

'Add & Subtract # 1 and # 2, mixed media on wood. 72" x 9" x 3" © 2018 Shirley Williams

This dining room photo above shows you how two of them look together on a wall. In this mock-up, they're installed horizontally.  

Each of these paintings measure 6 feet wide by 9 inches high by 3 inches deep. Notice how the depth means no frame is needed. Their depth makes them stand out almost as wall sculptures.

Most artists find this long, narrow format very difficult. For some strange reason though, I found it to be totally  exhilarating. Maybe because the size itself is so obviously abstract, it freed me up at some unconscious level.

I like to think of them as "horizons" or as a panorama of sweeping texture feelings.

Some people like to think of them as "totems" which I don't mind at all. In fact, I always encourage people to hang my work in the direction that pleases them most. Isn't that what art should do - please you?

To be honest, they actually look fantastic hung vertically, either individually or in a group. For example, they'd be perfect for any tall, skinny space such as a stairwell or at the end of a hall.


wide thin painting by shirley williams artist
'Add & Subtract - 1' ID# 1824    mixed media on cradled wood   72 x 9 x 3 inches   © 2018 Shirley Williams


skinny wide painting by shirley williams artist'
Add & Subtract - 2' ID# 1825    mixed media on cradled wood   72 x 9 x 3 inches   © 2018 Shirley Williams

Where would you hang a long skinny painting?