Video Interview About my Process

When The DRIVE Magazine recently wrote a feature article about me for their magazine, they shot a video interview at the same time.

In this video, I talk about my new discovery, a portable printing plate called a Gelli Plate.  It has completely revolutionized how I approach my painting practice.

But something I said needs to be corrected in case anyone is interested in buying one.

It just came to my attention after being in touch with the people over at Gelli Arts, that the plate does NOT contain either silicone or latex. As you may know, many people have allergic reactions to silicone and latex. The Gelli plate is made of mineral oil and inert plastics that are absolutely safe.

I love this new studio tool !  It's so fun to work with and actually quite addictive. The textures I can get with it would be absolutely impossible without it.

I'll be posting photos of work in progress and finished paintings soon. I'm still learning and experimenting with it right now.