What Makes an Artist Tick?

Detail 2 of 'City Lights' painting by Shirley Williams Art
CLOSER DETAIL 'City Lights # 1817 © 2018 Shirley Williams

What makes artists tick? It's an age old question.

I've read countless books and articles about creativity and the personality traits that make art happen. Generally creatives are accessing more of the non-linear brain, I get that. But what makes us go into our studio day in and day out? It's obviously not about money, or fame, or at least it shouldn't be.

What drives me personally, is an inner calling; an urgent need to express something unseen into tangible form. Why that happens to be paint, I don't really know.

Being a painter is usually a solitary vocation. At times it can feel quite removed from day to day events. So I always wondered how other artists think. I soon realized how many of us feel exactly the same way. 

This is the best article I've ever come across about how creatives think. Believe me, after reading this, you'll understand why that 'artsy' person you know, often says or does something that makes you shake your head. LOL

Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense